The summer of 2016 is an exciting time at The Greenery, the well-known skilled nursing facility that has been providing excellence in long term care, complex care and rehabilitation for residents of Canonsburg and the tri-state region for over 30 years. New owners, renovation of the physical facilities, new programs and advanced technology are ushering in a new era, says Brian McPeake, director of admissions and marketing and a ten-year employee. “We have a new name, The Greenery Center for Rehabilitation and Nursing, that reflects the transformation that has begun here,” he says. “We have a new focus; in the past, we were best known as a specialty center for persons with head trauma and then as a nursing home, with an emphasis on pulmonary disease. With this transformation, we will become a 140-bed, state-of-the-art, skilled nursing facility with 60 long term care beds and 80 pulmonary and rehab beds; we are adding extensive space for large, fully-equipped rehabilitative therapy gyms. We offer short term rehabilitation to home, long term care, palliative care and respite care admissions. Our goal is to be the best skilled nursing facility in the region.”

The Greenery Center’s clinical services include skilled nursing, physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy plus diabetes management, pulmonary rehabilitation, tracheostomy care, non-invasive ventilation, specialized wound care, peritoneal dialysis and IV therapy. The most advanced clinical capabilities, including piped-in oxygen, suction and air pressure give The Greenery staff the latest tools to provide the highest quality care to patients with high flow oxygen needs.

The Greenery’s most progressive new offering is a partnership with Telemedicine Services, which utilizes Skype-like technology to electronically bring an expert physician to the patient bedside within minutes, during the evening and night hours and on weekends. The system is comprised of a special laptop computer, camera and diagnostic tools that enable a physician to see the patient, speak directly with the patient and actually listen to the patient’s chest or abdomen via a special stethoscope. “The physician responds to our call within 60 seconds,” explains McPeake. “He or she can assess heart and lung sounds and communicate directly with the nurses while both are looking at the patient. They can zoom in for a closer look. The system enables the staff to deal with problems in the earliest stages, preventing the development of complications and problems and thereby reducing the risk of hospital readmission, which is a trauma for the patient and family. The nurses love the system, and it’s a tremendous asset for the attending physicians. It’s a relief to them, to know that their patients are being literally seen and immediately managed by a highly qualified colleague after regular hours. The clinical management via the telemedicine technology matches our high standards.”

Respite care admissions are another new feature at The Greenery Center that are enabling families to take a much-needed break from the constant responsibilities of caregiving. Respite admissions of five days allow caregivers to take care of their own needs, rest and get re-energized. By providing a safe alternative to home, respite programs help prevent caregiver burnout. According to McPeake, referrals for respite care come directly from families as well as from hospitals and hospice providers, including Amedysis Home Health and Hospice, Family Hospice and Three Rivers Hospice.

“At the Greenery Center, we want the community to know that we offer exceptional care in an exceptional environment. Al of our patients receive highly skilled, personal care, in general rehabilitation and long term care, from a staff of health care professionals and support staff who are eager to serve them and meet their individual needs. “

Mendel Brecher and Ernest Schlesinger, the new owners and operators of The Greenery Center, have not only upgraded and restructured the clinical programs. They have undertaken a comprehensive renovation program that is renewing and expanding the facility, inside and out. With a new roof, new landscaping, a sparkling new interior design and upgraded amenities, The Greenery Center is growing, becoming a healing environment that offers beauty, homelike comfort, safety and serenity. The Greenery Center is located right next door to Canonsburg Hospital, which is part of the Allegheny Health Network.

For more information, visit the web site or call (724)-745-8000.